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Snow Cream

Snow Cream

Like most of the country, we’ve had interesting weather lately. While some places were getting massive amounts of snow, we had serious cold.

bowl sitting out to collect snowEventually we got some snow, too. About six inches of fluffy whiteness – perfect for making Snow Cream.

Growing up in a snow-less part of the country, Snow Cream wasn’t part of my childhood, and I confess I’d totally forgotten about it until just a few days ago.

Snowy days have always been much more likely to make me think ‘hot chocolate’ rather than a bowl of creamy vanilla snow. But the few times I had it as a teenager were fun and I was looking forward to introducing my family to it.

Luckily, we didn’t have long to wait. The snow started falling around noon and continued into the night.

By dessert time, the bowl we’d set outside earlier in the day was filled to overflowing with fluffy, new snow.

I didn’t really measure the ingredients, but this is approximate:

Snow Cream

1/2 c fresh, good quality cream
1 Tablespoon sugar, honey or maple syrup
dash vanilla

Mix until well blended.

Gently stir into a bowl of clean, fresh snow.

Spoon into bowls (chilled bowls work best) and eat immediately.

The weatherman says we should get several chances to perfect our recipe this week

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