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Simple Chai Spice Blend

I may be a bit late to the Chai Spice party, but I have finally arrived.  For the most part, I prefer my tea unadulterated, other than the addition of a splash of milk, and I wasn’t a fan of the prepared chai  concoctions with their many ingredients I prefer not to ingest on a regular basis. However, I do like hot chocolate and as the summer transitions into fall, I thought the addition of a little spice would be a welcome change. 

I started experimenting with creating a blend of my own emphasizing spices that I particularly like or would like to use more of. The blend I came up with is quite simple and though I make no claims to authenticity, I like it fairly well as it is, though I will likely tweak it further whenever I feel the need for a change. I usually use about an eighth teaspoon per cup of liquid. 

2 teaspoons each ground cinnamon, ginger and cardamon
1 teaspoon each coriander and turmeric
1/2 teaspoon ground cloves
dash each of white pepper and cayenne

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