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Laptop Lunchbox

Laptop lunchboxes are another thing that falls into the category of ‘things I’ve heard about for years, but finally took up’. I don’t know why, I just wasn’t all that interested. Maybe it’s because they are plastic and I’m not all that crazy about plastic. Maybe I was just taken in by all the cute lunch boxes out there for kids.

Whatever it was, apparently I’m over it now. Not only did I buy the lunchbox complete with insulated case and water bottle, I ended up ordering an additional set of containers, egg molds, vegetable cutters and bought some silicon cupcake cups and little picks to use instead of forks. I also found flexible, flat blue ice that fits perfectly into the insulated top.

The lunchboxes come with a booklet with lunch ideas. I was a bit disappointed since the authors are under the impression that low calorie, low fat food is healthy for children, but there are a few useful ideas.

So far I haven’t been all that creative, but I’m working on it. Creative or not, a lot less lunch come home at the end of the day than before. And after all, the healthiest meal in the world isn’t much use if it doesn’t get eaten.

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